Located in Andes, New York, Catskills Harvest has a mission of curating the highest quality experience by connecting farms, community, and food starting at a local level and expanding to a regional, national and global reach. Our store showcases gorgeous local items from produce to breads, coffee + hand-blended teas, natural skincare products and an abundance of grocery items for your everyday needs. Our butcher shop features fresh beef, lamb, poultry, pork and venison from locally sourced pasture-raised animals, and our cheese counter features many local cheesemakers and some favorite classics.

Come check out what makes the Catskills so unique and pick up something for your next dinner party or just something to enjoy tonight.

Owner, Nicole E. Day launched 'the Harvest' to connect the bounty & talent of our local farmers and producers with our Catskills community. Additionally, Nicole owns/operates a federal & state food safety compliance consulting firm, AgriForaging Food Safety and Delaware County FoodWorks+ Shared Commercial Kitchen.

Delaware County FoodWorks+ is proud to provide small-scale value-added co-packing services and shared commercial kitchen infrastructure to entrepreneurs in our Catskills food community; helping bring new ideas, business & food innovation to market in a collaborative setting. FoodWorks+ members benefit from our flexible approach and affordability, integrated services, education programs and workshops.  


To learn more please visit delcofoodworks.org + agriforaging.com.