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I know, I know, I love summer in the Catskills and keep on going on about it - but with its fleeting beauty and temps mostly above 32, we can't help but celebrate every bit of it - including a special board this week dedicated to our summer night sky- filled with a color changing moon, stars so far we can't even comprehend, and comets that are about to light up the night with the start of the prolific Perseids meteor showers, (active from now until August 12th when they will really peak.) To honor the special once yearly event, we bring you two very special cheeses not to be missed, kinda like the Perseids-  Ossau Iraty (Oh-So Air-otty) and Brillat Savarin. Ossau, made in the French Pyrenees Mountains often by monks, is one of the most pairable cheeses around, also said to be one of the first cheeses ever. Beneath its amber and yellowy rind, vaguely resembling the moon this week, you'll find a sweet sheep's milk paste filled with nutty, grassy and sweet flavors, begging to be nestled atop a warm piece of Tribeca baguette. Should you have any leftovers (not sure how you would), it's an incredible melter, perfect for brunch eggs or lunchtime grilled cheese. Next, you can't get any better than French triple cream (which means it's at least 75% butterfat), Brillat Savarin (Bree-ot Sav-uh-ren), not to be argued by anyone in the industry as the best triple cream in the world, found right here in Andes. A bloomy rind made in Normandy, it's fresh, silky, decadent and sexy (yes, cheese can be sexy - pour some bubbles, dim the lights, and cue up the Leon Bridges. Thank me later.) Top it with our housemade cranberry jam, and a Spanish inspired chorizo made in the Hudson Valley by our friends Jacuterie, and you have yourself a divine picnic for a perfect evening on a blanket in a field with someone you love. So to all the moon chasers, storm hunters, and comet seekers, look up and to the north, grab your honey's hand, your dog's paw, or your own beautiful solitude and enjoy a very special slice of night sky with this week's very special board to go

CB2G instas-3.png

the Harvest Cheese Board To-Go,

featuring a different selection of cheeses, meat, crackers & accompaniments curated for you by our cheesemonger and neatly packed in a barn box to grab & go.

Each serves approximately 4-6 people conservatively, (or 2-4 if you want to hoard it for yourself, highly recommended.This is a no judgement zone.)

The weekly selection will be posted every Thursday right here as well as on social media, and comes with fun information on how to serve cheese and love notes from your monger.

Grab yours and take it on a picnic or bring it home to dazzle your family and dinner guests. 

Boxes vary in price each week, no substitutions. Board not included.


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