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Grab your bestie because this week we're packing up a cheese board to go and heading to our BFF's house for a cheesey binge, drunken wedge (literally), and a Netflix marathon to celebrate the start of cozy season. Let's be honest, it's probably going to be Virgin River Season 3 because after all, there is no other perfect companion to Jack Sheridan than a droolworthy box of curd, your best pal, and a bottle of your favorite red. So we begin with Drunken Goat, which probably started off as a Bob Ross (a happy little accident), when two buzzed best friends decided to make some cheese and a wheel rolled in to a barrel of wine not to be found until days later to their delight and surprise. (Also sounds like an episode of Downstaters, just sayin.) This semi-hard pasteurized goat's milk cheese from the Mediterranean coast is cured in a red wine, leaving a white paste and exterior with a lovely shade of dark violet. It's gentle, mild, snackable and smooth, and pairs perfectly with sea salt flatbreads from our local friends at Potter's Table. Perfect for the board or a grilled cheese or sliced up on a sandwich, Italian Taleggio is a creamy, sweet, meaty, custard and pudding-like treat. A washed rind, with speckled earthy grey mold from air pumped in to the aging caves, it's been made in the Valsassina foothills since the 9th century, so, uh, they kinda know what they're doing. Trust us on this one. Pair some Brimstome Bakery Lemon Blueberry jam on top, along with some Brooklyn Cured Hot Soppressata, for a filling and unforgettable treat. Consider yourself (and your bestie) suffonsified.  

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the Harvest Cheese Board To-Go,

featuring a different selection of cheeses, meat, crackers & accompaniments curated for you by our cheesemonger and neatly packed in a barn box to grab & go.

Each serves approximately 4-6 people conservatively, (or 2-4 if you want to hoard it for yourself, highly recommended.This is a no judgement zone.)

The weekly selection will be posted every Thursday right here as well as on social media, and comes with fun information on how to serve cheese and love notes from your monger.

Grab yours and take it on a picnic or bring it home to dazzle your family and dinner guests. 

Boxes vary in price each week, no substitutions. Board not included.


Add one to your porchside pick up order, or as always,

pick one up in-store while you shop.