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Oh, March. Your reputation has been tarnished. It seems like the Tiger King, bake-every-bread-recipe-from-the-NYTimes era was a hundred years ago. But one thing is for certain, cheese has been our wedge to lean on, our curd to cry to, and our best friend through it all. Better yet, March is a glimmer of hope for spring, (the same glimmer of us getting back in to a size 8 by Memorial Day, but still.) We've made it through the darkness, the days will get lighter in a few short weeks, and according to the famous Downstaters of YouTube, the car and the back of your legs will be covered in mud and dirt until at least May. (See famous Catskills reference here. Like. Share. And if you are a producer please contact us at orders@catskills-harvest.com.) So we move along with hope for the warm season, like proud Catskillians, and what better way to get through it than with this week's board to go.


First, a cave aged Austrian Gruyere, so as the most famous Austrian would say, hasta la vista cryovaced deli sliced supermarket Swiss. These wheels are matured for 12 months (that's more than all our exes combined!), and gives off apple, bacony, hazelnutty, brown butter scents, (bottle that up, Chanel, call it No.6 Eau de Fromage, and send the millions to Venmo @theHarvest-Andes.) Next, an all time classic, Fromager D'Affinois, better than brie & all of Coco's pearls combined, and silkier than John Stamos' hair to this day. Mild, buttery and pairs perfect with champagne, berries, and, well, John Stamos if we're being completely honest. Spread some new smoked peach jam on top, from the Trade St. Jam Co. which also happens to be black female owned in Brooklyn, along with dried apricots, cranberry raisin crackers & sliced bresaola, or BRUH-JOLE for our Italians out there, eye-of-round beef that's dried with sea salt and organic garlic. So, if that's not a good start to March '21, we're not sure what is, but we know one thing, us turophiles will unite and march on til spring. Or at least til next week's board to go.


the Harvest Cheese Board To-Go,

featuring a different selection of cheeses, meat, crackers & accompaniments curated for you by our cheesemonger and neatly packed in a barn box to grab & go.

Each serves approximately 4-6 people conservatively, (or 2-4 if you want to hoard it for yourself, highly recommended.This is a no judgement zone.)

The weekly selection will be posted every Thursday right here as well as on social media, and comes with fun information on how to serve cheese and love notes from your monger.

Grab yours and take it on a picnic or bring it home to dazzle your family and dinner guests. 

Boxes vary in price each week, no substitutions. Board not included.


Add one to your porchside pick up order, or as always,

pick one up in-store while you shop.

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