fall for cheese collection

September 17-22, $60

Ok, fine. We're finally giving in and excited for fall and have the perfect board for the first of the cooler nights snuggled under an extra blanket. But prepare yourself, because we have found the greatest triple cream we have ever tasted, and where else would it be but from France. If you like this cheese you are a genius. 75% butterfat, and a thin, edible, snowy rind with nary a whiff of ammonia. All fresh, lactic flavor with an edging of mushroomy  which balances each buttercream icing bite. Pasteurized, yes, but masterful as the many bloomy rinds from Normandy are. Cut that fat with bubbles, from California to Champagne to Italian. Prepare for the rind to start separating from its silky interior as it warms, and for the ultimate pairing, spread of a touch of Sunflower Honey on your cracker first, which is created by bees which have primarily collected the nectar from sunflower fields (how perfect for the end of summer!) Next, a special sheep's milk from Italy, Pecorino Foglie de Noce. Our story begins in a walnut grove set against the late spring sky of Emilia-Romagna with the tender leaves of sprawling hardwoods. Late in the season, before the leaves become bitter and dry, they are quickly gathered and layered in cozy clay crocks with just-made wheels of pecorino. Diminutive wheels of raw sheep milk cheese tuck away for a months-long nap amidst layers of these green walnut leaves, which impart a subtle earthiness and a deep herbaceousness to the cheese. Woken from their slumber and removed from their crocks, they continue aging Murray's caves where the rinds—still mottled with now-dried leaves—are delicately brushed and cared for while the buttery richness of the paste grows in intensity. We like to pair a crumbly hunk with sliced salami from Charlito's Cocina and a healthy pour of any hearty Italian red.

Introducing the new weekly Harvest Cheese Board To-Go,

featuring a different selection of cheeses, meat, crackers & accompaniments curated for you by our cheesemonger and neatly packed in a barn box to grab & go.

Each serves approximately 4-6 people conservatively, (or 2-4 if you want to hoard it for yourself, highly recommended.This is a no judgement zone.)

The weekly selection will be posted every Thursday right here as well as on social media, and comes with fun information on how to serve cheese and love notes from your monger.

Grab yours and take it on a picnic or bring it home to dazzle your family and dinner guests. 

Boxes vary in price each week, no substitutions. Board not included, but provided by

Unbound in Roxbury, NY. (also for sale!)

Order at

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