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We purchase products from over 200 local/regional farmers, producers & suppliers and do not dictate their pricing as our mission is to pay our producers a premium for their talent, dedication, hard work, and to support their mission(s) & families. Due to that fact, we do not list pricing - as it varies based on their individual enterprise. When we call you to review your order we will discuss product pricing with you as well as your ideal pick-up date/time, etc.

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Almond Butter, Creamy Lightly Toasted, Once Again Nut Butters, organic
Anchovie, White, Packed in Olive Oil
Anchovie Paste
Apple Cider, Red Jacket Orchards
Apple Molasses, Red Kill Homestead Farm

Baking Soda

Baking Chocolate, 100% Cacao

Baking Powder

BBQ Sauce, Organic (traditional)

Beans, Black (Dry)

Beans, Cannellini (Dry)
Beans, Chickpeas (Dry)
Beans, Cranberry | Dry Shelled

Beans, Garbanzo (Dry)

Beans, Kidney (Dry)

Beans, Northern (Dry)
Beans, Green Lentils (Dry)
Beans, Red Lentils (Dry)

Beef Jerky, Van Smokey

Blueberry BBQ Sauce, Bluet Farm

Bread Crumbs

Bragg Amino Acids

Broth, Beef, Pacific, Organic (Shelf Stable)
Broth, Chicken, Pacific, Organic (Shelf Stable)

Broth, Mushroom, Pacific, Organic (Shelf Stable)

Broth, Vegetable, Pacific, Organic (Shelf Stable)

Caperberries, with stem

Cereal, 7 Whole Grain, Kashi

Cereal, Coconut Almond, Kashi

Cereal, Toasted Berry Crisp, Kashi

Chaga Tea
Chai Tea
CheeseCrisps, Cheddar & Asiago
CheeseSticks, Original
CheeseSticks, Romano Garlic
CheeseSticks, Sesame Gruyere
Chili Sauce, Sweet
Chipotle Peppers in Abobo Sauce

Chips, Corn (family size)
Chips, Potato, BBQ, Family Size

Chips, Potato, Salt & Vinegar, North Fork, Family Size

Chips, Sweet Potato, North Fork, Family Size

Chips, Potato, Salted, North Fork, Family & Individual Size

Chips, Potato Truffle (family size)

Chocolate, Ibarra - Chocolate pieces for hot chocolate!

Chocolate, Fruition bars, assorted

Coffee: Roman Roaster- Breakfast, Dark Roast, Espresso, Cold Brew, Jamaican (Please note if you need whole or grind)

Coffee, Nitro, Glen Edith
Coca Cola, Cane Sugar
Coconut Milk
Coconut, Oil
Coconut, Oil, Spray Bottle

Coconut Water

Cookies, Tate's, Oatmeal Raisin

Cookies, Tate's, Chocolate Chip

Cookies, Ginger Zinger GF

Cornichons, Trois Petits

Chips, Corn, Yellow Salted
Crackers, Carr's, Rosemary

Crackers, Carr's, Table Crackers
Crackers: Fig & Sultana
Crackers, Mary's Gluten-Free

Crackers, Saratoga Flat Bread: Sea Salt, Garlic Parm

Crackers, Rice (Gluten-Free)

Crackers, Wafer
Cream of Buckwheat, Organic
Curry Paste: Masaman, Panang, Red Thai, Yellow Karee
Fish Sauce, 32 ounce
Flour, All Purpose, Farmer Ground Flour, 2lb.

Flour, Almond
Flour, Half White Bread, Farmer Ground Flour 2lb.
Flour, Whole Wheat Bread Flour, Farmer Ground Flour 2lb.

Flour, Whole Wheat, King Arthur

Fruit, Dried: Apricot, Coconut, Mango, Pineapple, Currants
Fruit Compote, Bebert's Condiments
Ginger Ale, Fever-Tree, 500ml
Ginger Beer, Fever-Tree, 500ml

Ginger Beets, Food & Ferments
Granola, Bread Alone, Apricot Pistachio or Raisin 

Granola, DogFoodie: Coconut
Granola, DogFoodie: Peanut Butter Carob
Granola, Maplewood Orchard & Farm, Maple Cranberry
Grape Leaves, stuffed (dolmas)

Griddle Pancake Mix , Middle Brook Mill

Honey, Beau Hills Honey, Blackberry Ridge Farm + The Roger's Ranch
Horseradish, 8 ounce container

Hot Sauce, Kali Curry

Hot Sauce, Van Smokey, Bonfire
Hot Sauce, Van Smokey, Camp Fire
Hot Sauce, Vital Eats
Hummus, Plain, Ithaca Hummus

Hummus, Roasted Garlic, Ithaca Hummus

Hummus, Roasted Red Pepper, Ithaca Hummus

Jams + Jellies, Berry, Kountry Kubby Farm + Nancy Rissen

Jerky, Beef, Van Smokey
Jerky, Beef, Cowbella
Ketchup, Organic
Lard, 12 ounce - for baking

Lentils, Red

Maple Candy + Popcorn, Maplewood Farm & Orchard

Maple Syrup, from our Catskills producers!!!

Miso, Adzuki Bean
Miso, Chickpea
Miso, Sweet, Brown Rice

Mushrooms, Dried: Fruit of Fungi + Greentopia Farm
Mussels in Oil

Mustard, Dijon
Mustard, Dijon, Whole Grain
Mustard, Grey Poupon, Squeezable
Mustard, Maple, Maplewood Farm & Orchard

Non-Dairy, Almond Milk

Non-Dairy, Butter

Non-Dairy, Cheezehound Cheeze (see cheese category)
Non-Dairy, Almond Milk

Non-Dairy, Oat Milk, Elmhurst or Barista

Non-Dairy, Soy Milk

Non-Dairy, Yogurt, Coconut (Cocojune)
Non-Dairy, Yogurt, Coconut, Vanilla Chamomile (Cocojune)
Nuts: Almonds, Cashews, Mixed, Walnuts

Nuts: 2 ounce Mixed Nuts with Cranberries
Nut Butter, Cashew
Oats, Rolled

Oats, Steel Cut
Oil, Avocado 

Oil, Olive, Organic
Olives, Cerignola 
Olives, Kalamata pitted
Olives, Oil Cured (with pits)


Pasta, Bucatini
Pasta, Cavatelli, Sfoglini
Pasta, Egg Garganelli, Sfoglini

Pasta, Fusillli, Rice (Gluten-Free)
Pasta, Lasagna Sheets
Pasta, Lo Mein Noodles "Shandong"

Pasta, Orzo 

Pasta, Rice Noodles (Gluten-Free)

Pasta, Rigatoni
Pasta, Porcini Trumpets, Sfoglini

Pasta, Potato Gnocchi
Pasta, Radiators Semolina, Sfoglini
Pasta, Soba Brown (authentic/refrigerated)
Pasta, Spaghetti, Brown Rice (Gluten-Free)
Pasta, Tagliatelle Egg, Brown Rice (Gluten-Free)
Pasta, Trumpets Semolina, Sfoglini
Pasta, Vermicellli, Rice (Gluten-Free)
Pasta, Zucca Semolina, Sfoglini

Peanut Butter, Creamy, no salt, Once Again Nut Butters, organic

Peanut Butter, Creamy, with Salt, Once Again Nut Butters, organic
Peanut Butter, Chunky, no salt, Once Again Nut Butters, organic
Peanut Butter, Chunky, with salt, Once Again Nut Butters, organic

Pesto, Basil 

Pickles, Sweet Heat Spicy, Everything Bread & Butter, or Dill

Popcorn, Kernels

Popcorn, Family + Snack Size, Bjorn Corn, a variety of favors

Polenta, Yellow

Preserved Lemons, Bebert's Condiments
Quiche, Alsacienne, Assorted Vegetarian, Spinach & Chevre

Quinoa, Plain

Quinoa, Tri-Color

Rice: Aborio, Brown Basmati, Brown, Jasmine + Sushi

Saratoga Sparkling Water, 12oz or 28oz glass bottles

Saratoga Still Water, 12oz or 28oz glass bottles

Sauerkraut, Original
Sauerkraut, Ruby
Sauerkraut, Tumeric
Sesame Seeds, Black
Soda, Pineapple (Jarritos)

Soda, Tamarind (Jarritos)

Soups, Pika's Farm Table, Carrot Ginger & Tomato Spinach Parm

Sparkling Water, Saratoga (large bottles)

Spice: Black Pepper

Spice: Coriander Seed

Spice: Crushed Red Pepper

Spice: Sea Salt

Spice: Za'atar

Sriracha: small or large
Sugar, Dark Brown
Sugar, Light Brown
Sugar, Maple, Granulated, Dar-View Farms

Sugar, Brown, Organic, Granulated

Sugar, Organic, Granulated
Tahini, Organic
Tea, Chamomile

Tea, Earl Grey

Tea, English Breakfast
Tea, Green Macha Mint
Tea, Green Tea with Thai Flavors

Tea, Herbal
Tea, Hot Cinnamon Spice
Tea, Japanese Sencha Green
Tea, Paris Blend
Tea, Peppermint Tea
Tea, Pomegranate Oolong

Tea, Turmeric Wellness
Tea, Yellow & Blue

Tempeh, Soy Boy

Tofu, Ithaca Soy (Firm)

Tomato Sauce, Lentini Marinara Sauce Inc.

Tomatoes, Diced, Roasted/Smoked, Canned

Tomato, Paste, Canned
Tomato, Paste, Tube 

Tomatoes, Whole, San Marzano

Tonic, Fever Tree, Elderflower

Tonic, Fever Tree, Grapefruit

Tonic, Fever Tree, Citrus

Tonic, Fever Tree, Mediteranean
Tuna, Bonito Del Norte

Tuna, Chunk Lite, Canned


Vinegar, Apple

Vinegar, Balsamic

Vinegar, Rice Wine, OUT OF STOCK
Yeast: available in 8 ounce 


Milk, Chocolate, Clark's Farm​

  • 32 oz

  • 16 oz

Milk, Reduced Fat (Cow), Clark's Farm

  • 1/2 gallon

Milk, Whole (Cow), Clark's Farm

  • Gallon

  • 1/2 Gallon

Heavy Cream, Clark's Farm

  • 16 oz

Half & Half, Clark's Farm

  • 32 oz


Cottage Cheese, Cabot
Cream Cheese
Ricotta Calabro

Sour Cream

Ice Cream - ask us about flavor availability:

  • Lettis Ice Cream in 5 ounce containers.

  • Blue Marble Organic in pint containers.


Organic, Ramble Bramble Farm, Catskills

Non-organic, Twin Pond Farms


Cowbella, Sweet Cream, 8oz 

Cowbella, Salted, 8oz 
Kriemhild Dairy Farms, Salted, 1lb log

Kriemhild Dairy Farms, Unsalted, 1lb log

Kriemhild Dairy Farms, Cultured, 1lb log, unsalted


Berle Farms, Plain, Quart (Cow)
Drinkable, Blueberry, Ronnybrook Farm

Drinkable, Peach, Ronnybrook Farm

Drinkable, Strawberry, Ronnybrook Farm

Sheep Yogurt, Blue Pepper Farm, Plain or Maple
Plain Yogurt, RonnyBrook Farm, Quart
Vanilla Yogurt, RonnyBrook Farm, Quart 


NEW: Cheese Board To-Go- CLICK HERE

Aged Cheddar, Jake's
Aged Gouda, Jake's

Alderney, Cowbella + Dan Finn - OUT OF STOCK

Black Mule Blue, Northland Sheepherding Dairy

Brillat Savarin, Imported, France, *(mongers top five fave!)
Burrata, Lioni
Camembert, Chaseholm Farm

Casatica di Bufala, Imported, Italy, *(mongers top five fave!)

Champlain Valley Organic Triple Cream, only 3 left!
Cheddar Curds, Plain
Cheddar, Welsh, 5 Spokes Creamery 

Cheddar, Redmond, 5 Spokes Creamery - OUT OF STOCK
Chèvre, Painted Goat

  • Plain

  • Savory Fig

  • Strawberry Cream

Chèvre, Nettle Meadow Farm

  • Garlic and Olive Oil

  • Maple

Chocolate Goat Cheese Truffles, Painted Goat

Coupole, Vermont Creamery

Ewephoria Gouda, Imported, Holland - OUT OF STOCK

Ewe's Blue, Old Chatham Sheepherding Company

Feta, Lively Run Goat Dairy

St. Stephen Triple Cream, Four Fat Fowl

Fromager D'Affinois, (triple cream), Imported, France

Gouda, Cumin Seeds, Bye Brook Farm

Gouda, Hard Cider Washed, Bye Brook Farm

Great Hill Blue, Great Hill Farm - OUT OF STOCK

Gruyere, Imported, Switzerland
Havarti, Grass-fed, Northland Country Creamery
Harvest Moon, 5 Spokes Creamery

Humboldt Fog, Cypress Grove - 25% OFF

Jersey Girl, Cooperstown Cheese Company - OUT OF STOCK

Kunik, Nettle Meadow Farm

La Tur, Imported, Italy
Manchego, Imported, Spain
Marinated Goat Cheese Bells, Painted Goat
Mozzarella, Fresh, 1lb

Mozzarella, Smoked, Fresh, 1lb

Nimbus, Chaseholm Farm

Ossau Iraty, Imported, France 

Parmigiano Reggiano, Imported, Italy
Pecorino, Imported, Italy

Pecorino Foglie de Noce (wrapped in walnut leaves), Italy

Provolone Cheese, deli sliced by the pound (Aged)

Ricotta, Lioni 
Sage Derby, English Cheddar - OUT OF STOCK

Sappy Ewe, Nettle Meadow Farm, 25% OFF

Selles Sur Cher - Imported, France, 25% OFF

Sheldrake Moon, Lively Run Goat Dairy
Smoked Gouda, Jake's
Swiss Cheese, Emmentaler, deli sliced by the pound

Taleggio, Imported, Italy

Tomme de Savoie, Imported, France 

Truffle Tremor, Cypress Grove

Tumbleweed Cave Aged Cheddar, 5 Spokes - OUT OF STOCK

Up In Smoke, Rivers Edge, Oregon - 25% OFF

Willoughby, Jasper Hill Farm - OUT OF STOCK


Cashevre, aged sharp with italian herbs
Cashevre, aged sharp dusted with paprika
Grey Day Blue

Otsego: aged sharp, creamy smooth


Bacon, North Country Smokehouse

Bacon, Schrader's Farm

Bacon, Uncured, The Piggery

Beef: Flat Iron Steak
Beef: Ground, Various Local Farmers
Beef: Ground, Twin Ponds Farm
Beef: Ribeyes

Beef: Short Ribs, Weinland Farm, Frozen, O/S
Beef: Skirt Steak

Beef: Strip Steak 
Charcuterie, Guanciale - by the pound, to be sliced or slab

Charcuterie, JACUTERIE

  • Chorizo Salami

  • Saucisson Sec Salami

  • Calabrese Salami

Charcuterie, Lardo - by the pound, to be sliced or slab
Charcuterie, Prosciutto, sliced, Casella's

Chicken, Breasts, Snowdance Farm
Chicken, Ground, Greenane Farm
Chicken, Livers, Brookside Farm + Murray's Chicken
Chicken, Thighs, Greenane Farm
Chicken, Thighs, Snowdance Farm
Chicken, Whole, Snowdance Farm

Deli, Mortadella Pistachios, sold by the pound
Deli, Smoked Turkey, The Piggery
Deli, Uncured Bologna, The Piggery
Deli, Uncured Ham, The Piggery
Duck, Rillette

Hot Dogs: Beef + Pork NY- The BEST!!!
Pork Belly

Pork Rib Chop, Dry Aged
Pork, Shoulder, Old Spot Heritage

Pork, Tenderloin, Old Spot Heritage
Rabbit, Whole (frozen)
Sausage, Chicken Andouille (links)
Sausage, Chicken Apple (links)

Sausage, Chicken, Thai, Dufour Gourmet
Sausage, Smoked Chicken Apple (links)
Sausage, Lamb Merguez, Dufour Gourmet
Sausage, Pork, Andouille, Fresh

Sausage, Pork, Andouille, Smoked
Sausage, Pork, Breakfast (links)
Sausage, Pork, Chorizo (links)
Sausage, Pork, Hot Italian (links)
Sausage, Pork, Sweet Italian (links)
Sausage, Rabbit + Pork with Ginger (links)

Sausage, Turkey, Sweet Italian, (not in links)
Turkey, Ground 


Apple, Gala, organic

Apple, Granny Smith
Artichokes, organic
Asparagus, organic

Beets, Red, Berry Brook Farm, organic

Blueberries, organic
Broccoli, organic

Carrots, Berry Brook Farm + Lucky Dog Farm
Cauliflower, Purple, organic
Celery, organic
Cucumbers, English 

Delicata Squash
Fennel, organic

Figs, organic 

Garlic, organic

Ginger, organic
Grapes, Red, Seedless
Greens, Salad Spring Mix, Berry Brook Farm
Herbs, Basil
Herbs, Basil, Dried
Herbs, Chives, organic, OUT OF STOCK
Herbs, Cilantro, organic
Herbs, Dill
Herbs, Mediterranean Oregano, Dried

Herbs, Parsley, organic, Curly

Herbs, Parsley, organic, Italian Flat
Herbs, Rosemary

Herbs, Sage, organic
Herb: Thyme, organic, OUT OF STOCK
Honeydew Melon, organic -  OUT OF STOCK

Kale, Green Bunch, Berry Brook Farm, organic

Lemons, organic

Lemongrass stalks 

Limes, organic

Mango, organic 
Onion, Red

Onion, Scallions, Catskills Food Hub

Onion, Shallots, organic

Onion, Vidalia, Sweet

Patty Pan Squash, Yellow


Peppers, Jalapeno, organic

Peppers, Green, Yellow & Red, Bell
Peppers, Shishito

Pineapple, organic

Potatoes, Fingerling Confetti

Potatoes, Russet
Potatoes, Sweet
Potatoes, Yukon Gold

Radishes, organic
Radishes, Watermelon, organic

Raspberries, organic
Scallions, organic
Spring Mix, organic, Star Route Farm

Strawberries, organic 

Summer Squash (Yellow), organic

Tomatillos with husk, organic

Tomatoes, Heirloom, Large

Tomatoes, Heirloom Cherry, organic
Tomatoes, Plum, organic
Zucchini, organic

Oysters, Montauk

Poke Trio, Tuna, Hamachi, Salmon

Salmon, 1 lb packages

Salmon Pate
Scallops, Montauk

Smoked Salmon

Shrimp, 1 lb packages


Catskills Rainbow Trout, whole
Catskills Rainbow Trout, fillet
Catskills Rainbow Trout, smoked


Chocolate - Fruition Chocolate, call for variety
Graham Crackers

Graham Crackers, organic

Halva, Sea Salt & Dark Chocolate


Milk Chocolate Bars


Roasted Red Pepper & Eggplant Fillo Bundles

Focaccia Bread 

Kale & Veggie Dumplings


Sundried Tomato & Feta Fillo Bundles

Spinach Dumplings


7 Grain, Machu Picchi Bakery

9 Grain, Bread Alone

Bagels - Cinnamon Raisin + Multi Grain + Plain

Brioche Buns, Bread Alone

Brownies, Heaven on Main Street

Cookies: Chocolate Chip
Cookies: White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut

Croissants, Chocolate
Croissants, Plain

Fruit Nut Bars, Heaven on Main Street
Hot Dog Rolls, Martin's

Peasant, Machu Picchu Bakery

Pie, The Farmer's Wife (call for availability) 

Pizza Dough, Sourdough, Machu Picchu Bakery

Potato Sandwich Rolls, Martin's
Semolina, Machu Picchu Bakery
Sourdough, Bread Alone, White  

Tortillas, Corn - THE BEST OF THE BEST! :)

Whole Rye, Machu Picchu Bakery


Birthday Candles

Catskills Fungi Tinctures: Reishi, Lion's Mane, Chaga

CBD Oil + Lotion, Head & Heal

Charcoal, Hardwood, Lump
Coffee, Nitro Cold Brew, cans
Face Masks - FREE

Hand Cleanser, 2oz, Earthly Remedies by Erin
Hand Sanitizer, Catskills Provisions
Hand Sanitizer, Union Grove Distillery (Arkville), 16 + 32 ounce

Fireside Tonic, Food & Ferments
Kombucha, Hibiscus Ginger, Organic
Kombucha, Pineapple Elderflower, Organic
Kombucha, Pomegranate Blueberry Lemon, Organic

Paper Towel

Soap, Goat Milk

Spindrift: Cucumber, Sparkling (individual or case)
Spindrift: Half Lemonade | Half Tea, Sparkling (individual or case)
Spindrift: Grapefruit, Sparkling (individual or case)
Spindrift: Lemon, Sparkling (individual or case)
Spindrift: Lime, Sparking (individual or case)

Spindrift: Orange, (individual or case)

Toilet Paper, 2 Ply, Single Wrapped

Thief's for Hands, 1oz, Earthly Remedies by Erin

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