Listen, we're pretty much always in a NY State of mind, its kinda, like, the core of our mission. And we're pretty sure you're probably in to it to- whether you've been here your whole life or you're just starting your journey of falling in love with this great state. And if you always credit Wisconsin for being the cheese capital of the U.S., we might not argue - but we are here to say New York is in the running, and on it's way up, and going to see it's day in the Broadway spotlight. So this week, I showcase to you another New York Collection starting with a square from one of our favorite farms, Nettle Meadow, and their goaty square, Crane Mountain. A simple block of semi-aged goat’s milk cheese with no additions or adulterations. Covered in a white bloomy rind, it has a dynamic development from it’s feta-like youth through it’s stronger flavor development as it grows older.  Crane Mountain becomes wonderfully pungent with maturity and is excellent at every stage, up to four months from when it is initially cellared. We head to the Cooperstown Cheese Company and cut a wedge of Toma Celena, (maybe you've had their Jersey Girl, it's a staple in our cheese case.) Toma is a nutty and rich Italian table cheese made with milk from Brown Swiss cows that are raised naturally and hormone free. Its flavor is complex, hinting of toasted grains, apples and caramelized milk. Both cheese will go perfect with our new favorite female, black owned jam source in Brooklyn - Trade Street Jam Co.'s Blueberry Lemon Basil jam, (hello, spring in a jar.) And crunch on Potters Table's hand rolled sea salt flatbread crackers, whose packaging is almost as beautiful as the time I went from the Upper West Side to Union Square in six minutes flat. So crank up the Billy Joel, trade your heels for sneakers and run on over to the Harvest for this week's board to go.

Cheese Board To Go - the New York State of Mind Collection


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