It's already the middle of January, and whether you've resolved to dust off the Susanne Somers thigh master, drop your stimulus on all new athleisure, or are already using your new Peloton as a coat rack, we firmly believe the best resolution of all is to eat more cheese. So we're bringing in two brand new cheeses to kick off 2021, pairing them with a ginger and orange infused raw local honey from Phoenicia, crispy french garlic and herb crackers, and a new flavor of Brooklyn Cured salami- uncured lamb and pork and za'atar seasoning. A sweet smelling, ivory-colored gem, named for the Germanic Walsers, a group of people who settled in the Alps many moons ago, Toma Walser is aged a bit longer than some others tomas, which adds a bit of spice to the already complex flavor. The paste becomes creamy and spreadable, with a rind reminiscent of porcini mushrooms, sure to pair delightfully with a spicy syrah, chianti, or pinot grigio! From the foothills of the Alps we go to the foothills of the Adirondacks, where Nettle Meadow Farm creates these one of a kind shaped, cow, goat AND sheep milk pyramids, made to imitate the mountains they are made in! An ACS 2019 Winner, Briar Summit is a truly unique cheese. The milk is infused with raspberry leaf tea, lending a distinct herbal tanginess to the fresh cream flavors. Pour a glass of champagne and break out a bowl of raspberries to enjoy. In fact, just break down that Peloton already and add a cheese fridge- we wont' tell anyone your change in resolution plans.

Cheese Board To Go - The Resolution Collection


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